Album: 10 tahun kemudian [2006] (2011)

Song: anarchys the destroyer

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TUTAB Birth of a collection of young dissidents who are ready to move at any time revolt from oppression .. in mid-1996 this group of young people will learn to understand what the meaning of a protest or movement underground .. to establish a music group with a name TUTAB .. with formation 2-2-1-1 .. Since that time also began to print any gigs, gigs .. and burn the stage of local and regional stage .. and the final 96 comes the first album 'Anarchy's the Destroyers' .. with modest capital and projects .. we know comes from remote areas, 60 km / hour from the capital city of west java .. Main Page City of Diamond ... of course you know? But with the spirit of '45 output Soekarnoism, we continue to struggle to overthrow capitalism and the increasingly global dog craze corrupted and continues to undermine the people who deposited money in a strongbox in this Republic, Fight to the death .. Punk lives! Freedom ......!! At first we wanted to establish political parties based on the person's character and ideology of anarchy stubborn .. but we lack the knowledge to be able to fulfill the procedures offered by system dog, therefore we can only pray that the leaders soon realized. In the subsequent struggle we continue to create up to bringing forth the first album 'Anarchy's the Destroyers' (1996). 2nd album 'The Power of Equality (2000), 3rd album 'Injak Balik'(2002) and 4th album 'Sepuluh Tahun Kemudian'(2006)